Weightless Special Interest Group (SIG)

Weightless is both the name of a group, the Weightless Special Interest Group (SIG), and the technology. Weightless technology focuses on wireless connectivity for Low Power, Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) specifically designed for the Internet of Things.

Weightless can operate in both sub-1GHz licence exempt and licensed spectrum.

The Weightless SIG is a non-profit global standards organization formed to coordinate the activities needed to deliver the world’s best IoT connectivity technology. These activities include:

  • Developing the definitive open standard LPWAN technology for IoT connectivity
  • Managing ongoing evolution, innovation and upgrades to the Standard
  • Administering the IPR policy
  • Managing legal disputes
  • Communicating and evangelising the technology
  • Managing test, certification and licensing of the technology

M2COMM currently holds the seat of the Promoter Group Members of Weightless SIG with prestigious companies such as ARM, Accenture, Sony-Europe and Telensa.
For more information, please click here or http://www.weightless.org/

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