Uplynx RCZ1

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Uplynx Sigfox VerifiedTM RCZ1 Module

Tiny Form factor, Easy integration

UPLYNX-M-RCZ1 is a Sigfox VerifiedTM modem module for the low power wide area network (LPWAN) market. It is designed with M2COMM’s system on chip M2C8001 for the European market (EN 300 220). The module was designed for high performance, high quality, low cost and small form factor. The design is fully compliant to ETSI regulations. The Sigfox application is ported over M2C8001 and execute at high efficiency using its internal 32bit core processor. Every module is preloaded with Sigfox application software, module specific ID/KEY/PAC as referring to Sigfox network system. The preloaded software also includes a bootloader which allows software update or future user application development.

Picture of Uplynx RCZ1 Pinout - back view
Picture of Sigfox Uplynx RCZ1 Module
Picture of Sigfox Uplynx RCZ1 Module
Picture of Sigfox Uplynx RCZ1 Evaluation Board
Picture of Sigfox Uplynx RCZ1 Evaluation Board


  • Operating Frequency: ISM 868MHz
  • SIGFOX VerifiedTM compliant AT command set via UART
  • SIGFOX Verified reference design available
  • Maximum transmission power: 17dBm
  • Current consumption:
    • 60mA Tx at 14dBm (average current with SIGFOX packet transmission)
    • 50nA at OFF (via POW_EN control pin)
  • Small-form-factor
    • 19mm x 13.5mm LGA
    • Compact board design with low external component count


  • Voltage supply : 2.6V ~ 5.5V (-40C ~ 85C)
  • ETSI EN 300 220
  • Preloaded SIGFOX Verified firmware with ID/KEY/PAC and bootloader for firmware update
  • Evaluation kit available
  • Software Development support
VDD VDD Module main power supply
VSS GND Module ground
VLDO O Monitoring point for module operating voltage
RESET_N I Module reset pin; When asserted LOW, it resets the module to initial state
POW_EN I Module enabling pin – Logic High for Enable / Low for Disable
UART_TX O UART transmit data (9600bps)
UART_RX I UART receive data (9600bps)
TX_OUT O 50ohm antenna output
GPIO[0:5] IO GPIO (reserve for future use)
STATUS O Module status pin – Logic High for SIGFOX Ready / Low for Module busy
JDAT I JTAG interface
JCLK I JTAG interface
UPLYNX-M-RCZ1 Uplynx SIGFOX RCZ1 modem Module 2.6V
UPLYNX-M-RCZ1-2.4V* Uplynx SIGFOX RCZ1 modem Module 2.4V
UPLYNX-M-RCZ1-SW* Uplynx SIGFOX RCZ1 modem Module without LDO
UPLYNX-M-RCZ1-EVB Uplynx SIGFOX RCZ1 modem Evaluation Kit

*please contact us for request

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