04 Mar 2017

M2COMM Launches All-New ELSA at EuroShop 2017

ELSA Gets Cloud Capability

[Düsseldorf, Germany, March 5th 2017] M2COMM will launch a series of new ELSA (Electronic Labelling System Application) products at EuroShop 2017. ELSA is the world’s most compact electronic shelf labelling (ESL) solution, its new product line features upgraded hardware, improved functionality and a new range of ESL tags. The company will be exhibiting and demonstrating ELSA at EuroShop 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany (Booth #2A11 – Hall 2). 

Launched in 2014, ELSA is based on M2COMM’s proprietary, cellular-inspired communication protocol. With its superior performance in data transmission and ultra-low power consumption, this latest release of ELSA has more advanced system integration, robustness and multi-store management capabilities.

The integrated ELSA Access Point (iAP) at only 100 x 68 x 25mm, is the smallest ESL base station in the world. With coverage of up to 30,000 square meters, the iAP’s all-in-one solution handles data transactions with the ELSA iRT (Router) without the need for additional hardware, a built-in SD card slot for data back-ups, integrated battery backup (iAP and iRT); and for fast and easy deployment, the iAP supports magnetic attachment to suitable surfaces. Both the iAP and iRT can coexist within a Wi-Fi environment. But a smart label solution is not just about displaying/changing prices or promos on demand; the new ELSA Cloud now provides customers with a simple way to manage and monitor ESLs across different locales remotely.

M2COMM’s new Elsa is the world’s most compact ESL solution with advanced system integration, robustness and multi-store management capabilities.

M2COMM is also pleased to announce the introduction of its new sleek ‘Courbure’ range of ESL tags. In the past, ESL has been widely adopted in general retail markets, logistical businesses and inventory management whose focus was on performance, stability and ultra-low power consumption. With its curvaceous and elegant style, the new ‘Courbure’ tags bring a level of sophisticated design that should appeal to even more markets, such as fashion retail trade.

M2COMM introduces new sleek ‘Courbure’ range of ESL tags to attract fashion retail trade.

“The elegant and simple design of M2COMM’s ELSA system is what first attracted our attention; and we have been immensely satisfied with the products quality and reliable service,” says Piper Chiu, President of Simple Mart. “M2COMM excels at doing good things ‘better’, we will continue our close partnership with M2COMM and adopt more ELSA ESLs into our stores.”

“The new ELSA is a big move in ESL evolution, not only the sleek curved label design and the hardware renovation, it also presents a solution for connected stores,” said Derrick Wei, CEO of M2COMM. “ELSA has a solid technology to support remote, accurate and fast ESL operation. With our new products and ELSA cloud, we have confidence to greatly elevate operational efficiency in retail and will expand the ESL application to more industries.”


New ELSA products and ELSA cloud will be ready and available in Q2 2017. M2COMM will be demonstrating ELSA at booth #2A11 (Hall 2) in EuroShop 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany from March 5th – 9th.

About M2COMM

M2Communcation Inc. (M2COMM) is a pioneering Internet-of-Things (IoT) communication system and chipset solutions provider. Founded in 2012 by a group of like-minded individuals with years of experience in wireless communication, M2COMM creates innovative products and solutions for ultra-low-power wireless networking, such as Electronic Shelf Labels. Our mission, to focus on providing the best fitting solutions for IoT applications through continued technological advancement resulting in a refreshing user experience.

For more information about M2COMM, please visit http://www.m2comm.co/.

Evelyn Chen – PR & Marketing
E-mail: info@m2comm.co
Telephone: +886-3-657-8939

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23 Jan 2017

M2COMM’s ‘Uplynx’ SoC passes Sigfox Verified ™ Certification

One design for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Americas and Asia Pacific, device makers can now exploit the benefits of simplified logistics and cost savings

[Hsinchu, Taiwan, January 23th 2017] M2COMM, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) provider, today announced that its flagship ‘Uplynx’ SoC had been certified by Sigfox. Now the Uplynx SoC and Sigfox verified™ wireless modules for Europe, MEA, Americas and Asia Pacific are available to device makers.

Uplynx targets device makers that require a cost-effective, low power, small form factor solution. The demand for cost-effective BOM is also reflected in the certified reference design; no expensive TCXO (uses standard crystals); capable of delivering 22dBm transmission power without using an external amplifier; a 32-bit processor, 128 KB flash and 24K SRAM built-in provides all the computational power and flexibility developers need and removes the requirement for an external MCU. In addition, device makers are able to design one PCB suitable for multiple regions using Uplynx, saving significant engineering effort and management hassles.

To speed up the development cycle for simple applications, M2COMM provides an SDK and a unique compiler-free EasyAT design environment for developers. Whilst the SDK provides access to all of the features on the Uplynx SoC, the EasyAT allows simple application developers to finish their designs in much shorter timeframes.

M2COMM’s Uplynx is a powerful SoC platform that enabled us to develop a prototype in less than 2 months. The quality of support we received from M2COMM speeded up our team’s development drastically.” said Philippe Chiu, Managing Director of UnaBiz, SIGFOX operator in Singapore and Taiwan. “I am very happy to see M2COMM joining the SIGFOX ecosystem, bringing a one-of-a-kind multi region platform.”


“Increasing numbers of LPWAN appliance developers are turning to the Uplynx SoC for their designs, with its highly integrated, multi region design, developers are seeing economic benefits through reductions in design spins and cycles.” said CK Tseng, VP of Worldwide Sales & Marketing at M2COMM. “We believe that total cost of ownership will be the main driver to design adoption and with that in mind we set about designing and manufacturing our Uplynx SoC in a way that reduced the dependency for additional components and saved the BOM cost for our customers. The LPWAN market is still in its infancy, but with the M2COMM Uplynx at the forefront, it’s going to grow quickly.”

“Working closely with Sigfox operators around the world, M2COMM has proven to be a valuable partner of our global ecosystem,” said Tony Francesca, Vice President of Global Ecosystem Partners at Sigfox. “With M2COMM’s Uplynx SoC providing a compelling, reliable and multiregional solution, we look forward to enabling many IoT use cases and millions of connected devices over Sigfox’s global network”.

Pricing and Availability

Samples and production quantities of the M2COMM Uplynx SoC and Sigfox verified™ wireless modules for Europe, MEA, Americas and Asia Pacific are available now. To simplify application development, M2COMM offers the Uplynx evaluation kit at USD $49.99. To purchase product samples and developments tools, visit http://www.m2comm.co/Uplynx/.

About M2COMM

M2Communcation Inc. (M2COMM) is a pioneering Internet-of-Things (IoT) communication system and chipset solutions provider. Founded in 2012 by a group of like-minded individuals with years of experience in wireless communication, M2COMM creates innovative products for ultra-low-power wireless networking. Our mission, to focus on providing the best fitting solutions for IoT applications through continued technological advancement resulting in a refreshing user experience.

For more information about M2COMM, please visit http://www.m2comm.co/

Evelyn Chen – PR & Marketing
E-mail: info@m2comm.co
Telephone: +886-3-657-8939

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07 Sep 2016

M2COMM Announces LPWAN Wireless SOC and Modules “Uplynx” for SIGFOX Global IoT Network

[Hsinchu, Taiwan, September 7th 2016] M2COMM, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) provider, today debuts its IoT SoC Uplynx. Uplynx RCZ1 and RCZ2/4 modem modules[1] and reference designs have reached the final stage of SIGFOX certification. Uplynx is a highly integrated SoC simplifying the development of Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) IoT applications. RCZ1 and RCZ2/4 modules are designed to produce cost-effective and low-power devices for SIGFOX’s global IoT network. With a highly efficient on-chip CMOS Power Amplifier, Uplynx delivers 22dBm at only 60% of the typical current consumption of existing solutions.

Uplynx is manufactured by TSMC with its state-of-the-art process. It’s not only small – 7×7 mm – but also integrates a powerful 32-bit MCU with 128kB of Flash and 16kB of RAM, packed with features including built-in multi-channel ADC, analogue comparators, oscillators and GPIOs. Combining a fully-integrated multi-RCZ SIGFOX protocol stack and a rich AT command interface with built-in ID and security key, Uplynx epitomizes all the characters and is a uniquely differentiated solution for SIGFOX.

M2COMM aims to offer innovative solutions to reshape the Internet of Things, and Uplynx is the result of a joint collaboration between M2COMM, SIGFOX and TSMC;” said Dr. Derrick Wei, CEO of M2COMM. “With Uplynx, we are committed to provide IoT device makers with a way to shorten their design cycles and launch various IoT solutions at an affordable price.”

“The Uplynx SoC, provides a compelling cost/performance value proposition,” said Tony Francesca, Vice President of Global Ecosystems at SIGFOX. “We are pleased to invite M2COMM to join CTIA and the upcoming SIGFOX Chicago Coverage Celebration, as the Uplynx RCZ2/4 module and reference design will enrich the SIGFOX ecosystem for the North American market.”

M2COMM will exhibit these products and perform live demos at SIGFOX booth #5352 at CTIA Super Mobility on September 7-9 in Sands Expo, Las Vegas.


[1]RCZ1 covers Europe,RCZ2 covers North America, RCZ4 covers Latin America and Asia including Australia

About M2COMM

M2Communcation Inc. (M2COMM) is pioneering Internet-of-Things (IoT) communication systems and chipset solutions. Founded in 2012 by members with years of experience in RF chipset design, M2COMM delivers a turnkey solution for ultra-low-power and large-network, such as Electronic Shelf Labels. It is aiming to provide best fitting products to the IoT applications through continued innovation and technology advancements. For more information about M2COMM, please visit http://www.m2comm.co/.


CK Tseng – Director, Sales & Marketing
E-mail: info@m2comm.co
Telephone: +886-3-657-8939

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30 Mar 2016

Winpharma Partners with M2COMM to Offer Pharmacies the Next Generation of Electronic Shelf Labels

Paris and Taipei, March 30th 2016 – Winpharma, the leading independent provider of pharmacy management software, has chosen to partner with M2COMM, the expert in IoT communication – together offering the best electronic shelf label solution for modern retailers.

ELSA is the result of a collaborative effort between Winpharma and M2COMM. This electronic shelf label has been designed in order to meet the requirements of the connected pharmacies: sleek design, rich functionalities, and user friendliness.

Its success is based on the perfect synergy manifested by these two companies driving the evolution of pharmacy business: “Pharmacies have to stand out by offering better services and superior shopping experiences: digital solutions are part of the answer. Dynamic price display brings presentation clarity and quality which customer value a lot says Emmanuel Moussay, Winpharma Marketing Director.

M2COMM’s solution allows dynamic, instantaneous and secure updates to all or part of the articles in pharmacies via the most advanced communication and display technologies to date.


Wellness branding and high-end, exceptional readability with color promotions, optimized inventory, the benefits of ELSA electronic labels are immediate and palpable to the connected pharmacies. It is for these reasons that we have already deployed more than 120 pharmacies in France” adds Clément Dieudonné, General Manager M2COMM France.

Florence Anselme, pharmacist seconds When the team showed me these labels, the design drew my attention within two seconds: they are elegant, high quality and slim. It has standardized the shelves and upgraded my pharmacy to the level that I dreamed of. Prices are clear and readable wherever you are. Above all, it saves a lot of hassle for me. Now I just need one-click to get all prices sorted. Last but not least, I’m very satisfied with the services and products provided by Winpharma and M2COMM


Winpharma and M2COMM will jointly present ELSA labels at PharmagoraPlus 2016 trade show, which will be taking place on the 2nd and 3rd of April 2016 in Paris, Porte de Versailles, Hall 3 booth C47.

M2COMM contact:

Clément DIEUDONNÉ – M2COMM France General Manager

E-mail: elsa@m2comm.co

Winpharma contact:

Emmanuel MOUSSAY – Winpharma Marketing Director

E-mail: emmanuel.moussay@winpharma.com

About M2COMM

M2COMM, leader in wireless connectivity solutions for the internet of things (IoT) is recognized as an innovator in the electronic shelf labels market with its technology specifically designed for the target business needs.

Founded in 2012 by pioneers from the mobile industry in Taiwan, Paris and Tokyo, M2COMM challenges the perspectives of IoT with a myriad of installations in retail, logistics centers and factories.

More information on www.m2comm.co

About Winpharma

Winpharma provides its management software for more than 4 000 pharmacies in France. First software solution to run on Windows, Winpharma has developed a 20 modules software suite in answers to three kinds of pharmacist needs: saving time, margin management and business strategy support. The associated services encompass trainings, hotline, and hardware assistance. Winpharma offer grows regularly, with several innovations per year.

Winpharma’s network is the number 1 in market share growth. This year, 400 new pharmacies have joined the winPharmacist community.

The Winpharma network includes 3 R&D centers based in the most dynamic scientific areas in the world: France, Russia, and the Silicon Valley in the U.S.A. 23 competence centers insure  proximity service to pharmacists.

More information on www.winpharma.com

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15 Dec 2015

Weightless-P Redefines LPWAN Performance

Cambridge, UK, Taipei City, Taiwan – December 15, 2015 – The Weightless SIG today announced availability of feature-rich Weightless-P technology tailored to deliver on the promises of premium ubiquitous wide area IoT connectivity: fully acknowledged 2-way wireless link, adaptive data rates up to 100kbps, scalable cellular-inspired network technology to deliver higher capacity than existing LPWAN technologies and on unique features.

Across all key parameters that define IoT connectivity Weightless-P delivers the best compromise for the widest range of IoT applications. Weightless-P offers low complexity, long battery life, world-class reliability, long range and robust security in an open standard technology.

Derrick Wei, CEO of M2COMM: “Weightless-P is revolutionary; it will transform the LPWAN space by providing the very first clean slate open standard designed from the ground up for both public and private IoT deployments”. Wei added “From our experience in ultra-low-energy wireless networks, we are able to offer fully featured technology at a fraction of the complexity and energy consumption of cellular alternatives”.

Professor William Webb, CEO of the Weightless SIG, commented “Weightless-P is a turning point in LPWAN technology – no longer does the IoT community need to compromise between performance and cost when making connectivity decisions” adding “Weightless-P is the definitive open standard for wide area IoT connectivity”.

Weightless-P is an open standard LPWAN technology operating in sub-GHz spectrum, with the option to work in licensed spectrum, using 12.5kHz narrowband technology to offer best in class performance.

(DOWNLOAD Weightless-P Whitepaper)

About Weightless

The Weightless Special Interest Group (SIG) is the world’s leading IoT standards body. Its wireless IoT connectivity technology, also called Weightless, is an open standard licensed to members on a royalty free, fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) non-assert basis.

The Weightless SIG is a global member based not-for-profit organization that exists to manage the development of wireless connectivity technology specifically for machine communications.

Weightless is a low power wide area network (LPWAN) connectivity technology designed to operate in sub-1GHz wireless spectrum, including both licence exempt ISM bands and licensed spectrum, and provides for lowest cost, longest battery life and best in class signal propagation performance for the Internet of Things.

It offers best in class performance with true, 100% fully acknowledged transmissions to guarantee QoS and industrial IoT reliability.

Open standards minimize cost, increase choice, mitigate risk and stimulate innovation for the sustainable benefit of both developers and end users.

Membership of the Weightless SIG is open to all companies.

Further details at www.weightless.org

About M2COMM

Pioneering ultra-low power wireless technology, M2COMM has become a distinguished leader in the IOT wireless connectivity solution with a myriad of successful deployments in retail, logistics and factory sectors. Base on its breakthrough cellular-inspired Platanus protocol, M2COMM’s newest LPWAN innovation, Weightless-P, provides an optimal balance of reliability, range, scalability, and power consumption. The truly open standard hopes to break down entrance barriers for the IOT community and become a driving force for the next wave of connected “smart city” objects.  M2COMM is headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan and has regional offices in Paris and Tokyo.

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21 Jul 2015

New Weightless 2-Way Communication IoT Standard launches

M2Communication brings industrial-grade LPWAN to Weightless community

Cambridge, UK, Taipei City, Taiwan – July 21, 2015 – The Weightless SIG today announced that M2Communication (M2COMM), a leading provider of industrial IoT connectivity technologies, has joined the Weightless SIG to lead a Weightless Working Group for the development of a new high performance LPWAN Standard.

This latest standard, called Weightless-P, will offer uplink and downlink capabilities to significantly enhance quality of service especially important in the very stringent industrial IoT sector.

Adapted from field-proven experiences, Weightless-P supports all major license-exempt SRD/ISM bands including 169, 433, 470 – 510, 780, 868, 915 and 923MHz, ensuring worldwide availability.

The Standard provides fully acknowledged 2-way communication offering best in class quality of service at data rates ranging from 200bps to 100kbps. It enables higher capacity than existing LPWAN and cellular technologies for uplink-dominated traffic with short-to-medium payload sizes. Using common commercially-available chipsets it will also support both stationary and mobile end devices by utilising low-power, innovative handover, cell re-selection and roaming methods. Other advanced reliability features include fast network acquisition, paging, FEC, ARQ, power control and adaptive channel coding.

The range and reliability, from challenging dense urban to rural environments, will exceed alternative LPWAN technologies using up to 17dBm output power.

Whilst offering the promised performance, network reliability and security characteristics of 3GPP carrier-grade solutions, still unavailable for some considerable time, Weightless-P promises substantially lower costs and power consumption, <100uW in idle state compared to more than 3mW for the best cellular technologies and a price point equivalent to existing LPWAN solutions.

Derrick Wei, CEO of M2COMM, commented, “Weightless-P will breathe new life into an IoT market that is waiting on a reliable LPWAN technology. Many IoT sectors require reliability to be addressed with ultra-low energy wireless communications not accessible through operator services today. The slow adoption of wireless IoT solutions highlights a huge technology void that Weightless-P will address without requiring custom hardware”. Wei added “Our current technology deployments in the retail and industrial sectors are a powerful indication of the future success we anticipate for Weightless-P“.

Professor William Webb, CEO of the Weightless SIG, added “We are delighted to welcome M2COMM to the group and very excited about what Weightless-P brings to the IoT market”. Asked how the technology impacts on existing Weightless technologies Webb commented “This new technology is bringing unique capabilities to the space – it fits perfectly within the Weightless stable of technologies”.

The Weightless-P Specification is expected to be published and available to SIG Members in Q4 2015. Weightless-P hardware, including development kits, is expected to be launched early 2016

*Press release link http://www.weightless.org/news/new-weightless-2way-communication-iot-standard-launches

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