13 Feb

EuroCIS 2015 – Exhibiting at Europe’s Leading Retail Tradeshow:

3-color E Ink Spectra electronic shelf labels and game-changing factory automation solutions

(PRWEB) February 04, 2015 – M2Comm (M²Communication Inc.) invites industry affiliates to view their complete product lines for retail electronic shelf labels (ESL) and factory automation sectors at EuroCIS 2015, the leading trade fair for retail technology in Düsseldorf, Germany February 24-26th.

In 2014, M2Comm launched the world’s most advanced electronic shelf label system based on its proprietary, cellular-inspired communication protocol. Using the Sub-GHz frequency bands, the system has achieved the best all-around performance: ultra-low power consumption, incredibly long battery life, fast and reliable two-way transmission for a network with tens of thousands of labels, and ability to support high-resolution 3 color graphic e-paper displays. The company’s superior technological specifications and cost-effective architecture has been recognized by a mass of retailers and smart industrial solution providers.

M2Comm’s ELSA (Electronic Labelling System Architecture) includes 4.2”, 2.9”, 2.2” and 1.6” fully graphic E-paper price labels that include 3-color display. Retailers can instantaneously create colorful promotions to better manage operations and improve the customer experience. After showcasing in Las Vegas’ CES and New York’s NRF, M2Comm continues to add to their customer portfolio, which includes commercial installations of Electronic Shelf Labels already live in pharmacies in France.

Efficiently supporting color full-graphic electronic shelf labels is no easy task because of the larger amount of data (compared to black and white display) to be transferred and processed. For ESL solution using 2.4GHz band, the radio interference with popular Wi-Fi and other 2.4GHz devices would make a reliable data transmission a challenge. Other ESL solutions suffer from insufficient data rate preventing efficient update time of the thousands of graphics display at a given site. Also, 1-way communication protocols often result in lengthy and unreliable data transmission. On the other hand, M2Comm’s innovative, ultra-low power, high-speed, cellular-inspired, interactive wireless communication protocol can reliably update large full-graphic color tags at unprecedented speeds and accuracy.

This technology preserves a 5-year battery life with 2 updates a day and the interactive Cellular architecture ELSA allows each label to natively communicate the temperature, battery level, and self-diagnostics to the system.

M2Comm also continues to gain traction in the industrial automation industry with the deployment of solution for factories, warehouses, and enterprise logistics.

Team members will be exhibiting at EuroCIS Booth 9C52 in Düsseldorf Germany, Feb 24-26th 2015

Contact Jay Wey to schedule an appointment: jay.wey@m2comm-semi.com

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