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M2Communication Announces Innovative ESL Turnkey Solution.

Hsinchu, TAIWAN – Jan 28, 2014 – M2Communication Inc. today announced its innovative electronic shelf label (ESL) turnkey solution that is set to change the ESL industry and benefits the retailers in the years to come. The company will exhibit this product at the EuroShop 2014 in Dusseldorf Germany and RetailTech Japan in Tokyo. 

Inspired by proven cellular technologies, M2Communication’s turnkey ESL solution provides superior performance in data transmission and ultra-low power consumption. In addition to the 5 year battery life for the 2.9” graphic ePaper labels,  the truly interactive RF technologies not only enables dynamic pricing, but also actively provides valuable information such as temperature, battery level, and self-diagnostic results that make the system smarter.   These technologies are what set M2Communication’s turnkey ESL solutions apart from other relatively aged and restricting technologies.

‘Our ESL tags are similar to installing a smartphone to the shelf edge that can send and receive information.’ says Dr. Derrick Wei, Founder and CEO of M2Communication. ‘For a long time, the retailers could only choose the ESL solutions with wireless technologies developed in last century. Our ESL system is a 21st century solution for the 21st century retail industry.’ 

Over the last two years, ESL solutions using the 2.4GHz frequency band have been introduced to the retail world. Though it’s an interactive system, the coexistence with Wi-Fi and other 2.4GHz wireless devices is undermining its power efficiency and reliability. Further, with the continued growing popularity of Wi-Fi wireless devices, the problem will only get worse when the system is handling more complicated data such as displaying a graphic image.

M2Communication’s “Platanus” Communication Protocol uses a sub-GHz communication band, similar to a GSM network. It does not need to compete with the 2.4GHz band and suffers no band coexistence issues with Wi-Fi. At the same time, it achieves longer range transmission. These technologies are what make M2Communication’s solution more scalable and suitable for the retail environment. 

M2Communication’s ESL solution business model is to work with system integrators, including POS makers and retail technologies businesses, to service the retail customers. It will demonstrate its ESL turnkey solution at EuroShop 2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany on Feb 16 and at RetailTech Japan 2014 on March 4.  

About M2Communcation Inc.

M2Communcation Inc. is a company focusing on the business of Internet-of-Things (IoT) communication systems and chipset solutions. Founded in 2012 by members with years of extensive experience in RF chipset design and display technologies, M2Communication delivers a turnkey solution for ultra-low-power, large-network, and wireless applications such as ESL, Smart-power and so on. It is aiming to provide best products to the IoT and retail world through continued innovation and technology advancements.  

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