25 Apr

M2COMM wins the Golden Peak Award as Top Ten Products of the Year with its Electronic Labeling System Architecture (ELSA) solution

Hsinchu, Taiwan, April 25th 2016 – M2COMM, a leading IoT technology provider, is pleased to announce that its Electronic Labeling System Architecture (ELSA) has been awarded the 17th Golden Peak Award for Top Ten Products of the Year.


The Golden Peak Award is organized by the Outstanding Enterprise Manager Association (OEMA) in Taiwan. The goal of the association is to reward exceptional companies and products. ELSA is an innovative product whose underlying ultra-low energy and reliable wireless connectivity technology enables revolutionary Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The superiority of this technology made ELSA stand out from the incumbent companies’ previous generations of products, to the extent of reaching several hundreds of thousands of installations in Europe in less than a year. 

M2COMM is definitely one of the role models among its peers in the emerging IoT space. Not only does M2COMM reinvent the electronic shelf labels (ESL) with its unique wireless connectivity strength but also M2COMM turns innovation into worldwide system deployments in just three years.” said the Secretary-General of OEMA

The Golden Peak Award is not just the recognition of M2COMM’s potential and ability, but also of the engineering’s excellence in research and development in Taiwan. The core technology of ELSA has been genuinely developed by our engineers. Electronic shelf labels (ESL) are just one of many use cases. By removing the major bottlenecks of current IoT technologies, ELSA enables new smart retail, smart manufacturing and other IoT applications with imagination as the only limit. Through close collaboration with our worldwide partners, M2COMM is playing an increasingly important role in the IoT industry” said Derrick Wei, M2COMM CEO. 


CK Tseng – Director, Sales & Marketing

E-mail: elsa@m2comm.co

Telephone: +886-3-657-8939

About M2COMM

M2COMM is a leading provider of wireless IoT solutions. M2COMM is an expert in low power wireless communication and networking technology. M2COMM is having great success in electronic shelf labels (ESL) and smart retial space. M2COMM was founded in 2012 and have branch offices in Paris, France and Tokyo, Japan. In addition to dedicating its energy to retail, logistics and manufacturing automation applications, M2COMM is helping to make a better world by focusing on extremely low energy consumption wireless LAN and WAN IoT technology.

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