Supporting the unique 2-tier network topology, ELSA Router (RT, RT-4K) serves as the relay from ELSA AP to the label. ELSA RT is powered by 5V DC, only 68mm x 49mm x 32mm, and wirelessly connected to the ELSA AP. Thus It greatly help eliminate the “dead zone” around the corners or the shelves by freely placed across the store where the coverage is required. This significantly enhance the flexibility during the installation project. Each Router can support 1,000 (RT) or 4,000 (RT-4K) ELSA Tags. ELSA Router only utilizes the single radio band to manage the labels. Similarly, ELSA RT coexist with in-store WiFi, BLE, IP Cam, etc. It has been certified with Conformite Europeenne (CE), Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) compliance. 


 Specification          Description
 Dimension  68mm x 49mm x 31.8mm (H x W x T)
 Weight  60g
 Power Supply    DC5V 1A, mini USB
 Radio connector  External, SMA female
 Frequency Band  ISM 915MHz / 868MHz
 Certification  CE/FCC/ARIB/C-tick/WPC/NCC
 Network Capacity  RT: 1,000 Tags
 RT-4K: 4,000 Tags