Due to various restrictions, in the retail industry, product information and price are hard to be presented correctly and immediately to customers, let along the price consistence during the promotion period. During the price or any information change process (promotion event, stock level …etc.), labor resource and time consume a lot. Even under such long process time, the information accuracy still cannot be guaranteed in the era of OMO (online-merge offline), retailers especially need to integrate the online and offline demand and create more possibility to gain more business opportunities.

Through the implementation of ESL (Electronic Shelf Label), users can synchronize the online promotion price and the store price to ensure the price consistence guarantee and to create the customer interactive experience. When the retailers plan marketing campaigns, first-hand information can be generated and displayed in a snap of the fingers. By introducing M2COMM ESL system, the retailers can save more time on replacing the physical paper labels, raise the service quality, and increase the competitiveness.

  • Location: France
  • Applied model: ES16-R * 5000pcs
  • Application: Pharmacy stores
  • Result: Without dull price tag change work, staff can spend more time serving customers. Moreover, owner and staff can know inventory status directly from the tags. For shoppers, they can have better shopping experience because they can see the tag contents easily and clearly, even the tags on the bottom shelves. All in all, the M2Comm ESL solution provides the shop a trustworthy system.