1. Bedside information card

In the hospital or postnatal care center, the information about the patients would be recorded from each examination.
However, there are a lot of hassles when the nurses synchronize the information in the HIS system and the bedside information paper.
By integration the HIS system and the M2COMM ESL system, through timely information, the efficiency of medical staff services can be improved, human error can be reduced, and the data gap can be minimized.

2. Medicine storage room

Medicine stock management is undoubtedly an extremely important role in the entire medical industry chain, especially for prescription drugs, etc. How to assist pharmacists in taking medicines accurately, greatly reducing the work on paper, and improving the efficiency of medical operations can become the best helper for the busy front line. The introduction of M2COMM ESL system can help pharmacists manage drugs more efficiently in the drug store.

  • Field : Medicine storage room
  • Product :  ES29-R, ES-42R
  • Benefit after installing ESL:The nurses use the information on the bed card to confirm the special needs of the patient and the instructions of the relevant doctors during the rounds of the room to provide appropriate medical services and further realize paperless medical treatment. Pharmacy personnel can confirm the correctness of drug inventory and pickup through information and special labels on electronic labels.