In the transformation trend of industrial automation, all kinds of enterprises will take the goal of introducing automated process equipment. The ESL display can help factory operators to obtain real-time information of different goods. With the combination of different products designed by M2COMM, ​​​​​​users can enhance the picking process.

The back-end server sends the pecking order and the electronic label displayed on the electronic shelf. Pickers only need to follow the display of the electronic label and have the further actions. After adopting the M2COMM ESL system, users can Increase the efficiency and reduce the human error.

  • Location: Taiwan
  • Customer: Large scale factory
  • Applied quantity: 6,000 pcs ES29-R
  • Application: Warehouse
  • Reason to adopt ESL: Real-time inventory management is required. This factory has over 15,000 types of spare parts, and they need to reflect instant inventory quantity to catch up with their manufacturing process when picking up to-be-used items from warehouse.