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SIGFOX ‘Uplynx’ System on Chip

Uplynx is based on M2C8001, one of M2COMM’s family of wireless SoC designed for ultra-low-power wireless IoT applications. Uplynx monolithically integrates Sigfox protocol stack with best-in-class sub-GHz RF performance. M2C8001’s built-in 10 bit ADC, analogue comparators and GPIOs are available for access via AT command set over UART interface. Uplynx is the most cost effective, smallest, and easy-to-design SoC solution for IoT applications where wireless data uplink is enabled via Sigfox network.


  • Sigfox certified reference design:
    • RCZ1 (868.13MHz, 16dBm max) (CE)
    • RCZ2 (902.2MHz, 22dBm max) (FCC)
    • RCZ3 (923.2MHz, 13dBm max) (ARIB T108)
    • RCZ4 (920.8MHz, 22dBm max)
    • *Sigfox Library 2.2.3
  • Communication Unit
    • 868(863~870)MHz, 870-875.6MHz, 915(902-928)MHz ISM band support
    • Tightly controlled PA profile to support Sigfox signaling
  • Sensor / Peripheral Unit access via AT command
    • AES-128
    • On-die monolithic temperature sensor, battery sense, voltage alarm
    • 10bit ADC
  • Programmable transmission power: 8 ~ 22dBm (1dB step)
  • Current consumption:
    • 58mA Tx at 14dBm
    • 130mA Tx at 22dBm
    • 3mA standby current
    • <7uA sleep current
    • <0.1uA OFF current (reference design)


  • Easy-to-Design
    • Arduino-compatible Baseboard as Evaluation / Development Platform
    • Complete set of Data Sheets, TRMs, Application Notes, AT command manual
    • Simple control interface via UART (9600bps)
    • Bootloader support firmware update at 9600bps/115200bps
  • Small-form-factor
    • 7x7mm(48-pin) QFN available
    • Compact board design with low external component counts
  • Voltage supply : 2.5V ~ 3.5V (-40C ~ 85C)
  • Compiler-Free EasyAT commander ideal for quick simple application development
  • Complete feature set Software Development Kit with AndeSight RDS v2.1.2
  • Applications
    • AutoZone GPS tracker
    • Small form factor Ambient Sensor
    • RS485-Sigfox gateway
Part NumberDescription
M2C8001QFN 48 pin Uplynx
UPLYNX-M-RCZ1Uplynx Sigfox RCZ1 modem module
UPLYNX-M-RCZ1-EVBUplynx Sigfox RCZ1 modem Evaluation Kit
UPLYNX-M-RCZ24Uplynx Sigfox RCZ2/4 modem module
UPLYNX-M-RCZ24-EVBUplynx Sigfox RCZ2/4 modem Evaluation Kit

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