Uplynx RCZ2/4

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Uplynx RCZ2/4

Uplynx RCZ2/4 SIGFOX Module

Tiniest Form factor for 22dBm RF Power

UPLYNX-M-RCZ24 is a Sigfox Verified modem module for the low power wide area network (LPWAN) market. It is designed with M2COMM’s system on chip M2C8001 for the US or other FCC-like market (FCC Part 15.247). The module was designed for high performance, high quality, low cost, small form factor and most importantly, high RF power of 23dBm or above . The design is fully compliant to FCC regulations. The Sigfox application is running on M2C8001 at high efficiency. Every module is preloaded with Sigfox application software, module specific ID/KEY/PAC as referring to Sigfox network system. The preloaded software also includes a bootloader which allows software update or future user application development.

Picture of Uplynx RCZ2/4 Pinout - back view
Picture of Uplynx RCZ2/4 Pinout - back view
Picture of Uplynx RCZ2/4 Pinout - top view
Picture of Uplynx RCZ2/4 Pinout - top view


  • Operating Frequency: ISM 915MHz
  • SIGFOX Verified AT command set via UART
  • SIGFOX Verified reference design available
  • Maximum transmission power:
    • 22dBm
  • Current consumption:
    • 130mA Tx at 23dBm (average current with SIGFOX packet transmission)
    • 50nA at OFF (via POW_EN control pin)
  • Small-form-factor
    • 24mm x 13.5mm LGA
    • Compact board design with low external component counts


  • Voltage supply : 3.4V ~ 5.5V (-20C ~ 85C)
  • FCC Part 15.247
  • Preloaded Sigfox application with ID/KEY/PAC and bootloader for firmware update
  • Evaluation kit available
  • Software Development support
VDDVDDModule main power supply
VSSGNDModule ground
VLDOOMonitoring point for module operating voltage
RESET_NIModule reset pin; When asserted LOW, it resets the module to initial state
POW_ENIModule enabling pin – Logic High for Enable / Low for Disable
UART_TXOUART transmit data (9600bps)
UART_RXIUART receive data (9600bps)
TX_OUTO50ohm antenna output
GPIO[0:5]IOGPIO (reserve for future use)
STATUSOModule status pin – Logic High for SIGFOX Ready / Low for Module busy
JDATIJTAG interface
JCLKIJTAG interface
UPLYNX-M-RCZ24Uplynx SIGFOX RCZ2/4 modem Module 3.5V
UPLYNX-M-RCZ24-1.5V*Uplynx SIGFOX RCZ2/4 modem Module 1.5V
UPLYNX-M-RCZ24-EVBUplynx SIGFOX RCZ2/4 modem Evaluation Kit

*please contact us for request

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